“Gerry, you and Liz did a supper job in securing our home in Lakeside Landings, Your attention to detail and customer service could not have been better. TY” –Bob W

“Working with Gerry we saw 8 homes and I selected one to offer. There was a clerical error on my government financing. Gerry helped me resolve the mistake and had a backup financing established as well. Closing went smooth. Great Job, very professional broker. Thanks to him I did not lose the property!” –Mike A.

“Every House Gerry showed us, he pointed out the upgrades and the flaws that could cost us money. The contract negotiating was amazing and the closing was smooth. Thanks Gerry” –Abby R
“We must have looked at 10 houses. Gerry was focused and helped us narrow our selection. He was super in negotiating a really good price with the Seller’s agent. It was an exceptionally easy closing. I was worried because we had bad closing experiences in the past. Gerry knows what he is doing and does it effortlessly.” –Toots A
“We had more fun working with Gerry. He is quick thorough and knows his stuff. After the closing which was amazing we celebrated. He writes often and we keep in touch. God Bless you man!”
Angelo and the girls
“Gerry saved us a lot of money by doing all the negotiating on our behalf. We had fun too. Gerry, say hi to your wife for us” –Sonny D
“My wife and I knew nothing about the Villages. Gerry was highly recommended by our friends. Gerry was very careful to explain every model we saw, pointed out things that needed to be corrected and made sure we felt comfortable. Prior to close he explained the HUD which was Greek to us. I recommend Gerry with no hesitancy.” –Arnold S.
“My brother overheard Gerry as he was helping someone in an open house we visited. As we were leaving I asked Gerry to help us find a home. He showed us homes for 3 days and we made an offer on a home. Gerry got us a good deal and arranged for us to move some furniture in the garage before the close. Every step of the way he made it easy. My brother is hard to impress. We have sent many friends to him.” –Rosie B
“I am an accountant concerned about the details of the homes. Gerry was very thorough in each home. Before we left each home he asked me to rate the home and write notes on the sheet he gave us. When we made the offer he explained everything. Before the close we reviewed the HUD. The closing was accurate, understandable and actually fun. Thank you Gerry you are tops.” –Frankie W
“We bought our home through Gerry and all was well until the close. The Seller had not made the repairs per the contract, was very rude and refused to pay for the repairs. Gerry asked the seller and his wife to follow him to another office.. When the seller and his wife came back, he apologized to us and said he would pay for the repairs. The seller signed and wrote a check to the title company. Gerry came in as we finished signing, sat down and said “Everything is fine”. If you need to buy a home, use Gerry. He gets things done right!” –Randolph G
“Hi Gerry, I want to thank you so much for helping my Daughter and I in our home purchase. Your hard work and understanding made us feel relaxed. Your listening to her pouring her heart out about Dad passing away, my heart was breaking yet afterwards she told me she felt better and was OK. It was a miracle God bless you. I have told everyone.” –Harriet M
“When my husband and I first worked with you, you said maybe we should wait. We started going to open houses by ourselves. Every agent was pushy, My husband called you again.. You said “take a week to have some fun in The Villages then call me.” You never pressured us. I called you and we found a home we loved, made an offer and you carried us through gently. Thanks again. PS I love the picture you took of me, send me a copy please.” –Phyllis C
“Gerry worked with us for about 3 weeks before we found the right house. It did need some work to it. He insisted that we get the toughest home inspector and boy I am glad we did. Gerry got estimates and brought it to the seller and after some hard talk the seller agreed to get the work done. Gerry followed up on all repairs and made sure by having it re-inspected. The house now is in tip top shape, he helped us unpack and was a great help. We’re thrilled. 5 star plus.” –Jeff T