“Gerry Sold over 5 of my homes when I got out of rentals. He negotiated top dollar on each home giving me an average of $20,052 profit on each home after closing costs.” –Robert C

“Gerry listed my home for $11,000 more than the highest agent offered. He sold my home for $16,000 higher than list and did this in less than a day. He did a great job for me. He also arranged a change in closing dates to accommodate my schedule.” –Rich P

“Gerry got full price for my home at a tough time in hours,and I accepted an offer within 5 hours. In addition He negotiated a 5 month rent free holdover while the house I was having built finished. I recommend Gerry to everyone that wants to sell for top dollar. He is a keen negotiator.” –Dean T

“We saw Gerry at an open house and watched his style. Bernie was impressed and we decided to have him look at our home. Gerry was very detailed and gave us a recommended list of more than we thought. We signed up and the marketing began very quickly. He brought the buyer and the offer was more than the list price. We needed to stay in the home after the close and Gerry got that arranged. We previewed the HUD and the closing was done quickly. We recommend Gerry and his selling system to all wanting to sell.” –Bonnie and Bernard R
“Gerry listed our home and sold it for $12,000 above the asking price. We had 4 open houses the first week and three on the next Monday. Gerry found the buyer and we saved another $2100 in commissions. His selling system works!! Gerry you deserve the 5 stars. ” –Robert R
“My house needed a lot of work. Gerry said to do just a few things outside and some interior sprucing up. We went live and he did dozens of open houses. We got an offer I accepted. The inspection showed thousands to repair which I couldn’t afford up front. Gerry saved the sale by giving a buyer credit upfront for repairs. At close I felt a relief I hadn’t felt in a long time. You see I gave my daughter all my savings to support her. Gerry was a blessing.” –Buster L
“Gerry sold 2 homes for us I just couldn’t thank him enough. We had health issues; we had to move up north but couldn’t move till we sold both homes. He did it so fast. He arranged staging the closing dates so we didn’t have to move from one to the other. I consider him my guardian angel.” –Janice Mc
“Gerry sold our home for $8300 more than the List price. His Unique selling system worked well. He worked hard and was an excellent agent for us.” –Cindy S
“I was going blind and needed assistance. I was told about a Mr. Lister named Gerry. When he listed my home he read and explained the listing agreement, Sellers disclosure out loud to me and had a witness to my signature. The house sold and he arranged movers and helpers to get me out. What a Godsend for me. I was in good hands. Gerry is a good agent and Christian. Thank you Lord.” –Claire S
“I saw Gerry working and heard good things about his Selling homes and he got me 100% of my asking price in a down market.” –Ira G
“The market was falling and when Gerry sold my home I was disappointed but we closed.
A few days later another home the same as mine closed for $4900 less than mine, and he had a golf cart garage. Gerry did a good job after all, and I am thankful. He did good!” –Bob C
“I wanted to sell right away but Gerry convinced me to hold off for a month. When we put it on the market the prices had risen about 5% and we made another $15,000. He knows the market better than most.” – Frank E
“My husband Bob knew he was dying and he wanted the house sold and another smaller home bought before he passed. I warned Gerry that our dog did not like men and was very protective to my husband. When Gerry arrived our dog Ronnie left Bob’s side, sat next to Gerry and put his head on Gerry’s leg and looked up. We were shocked. Actually Ronnie was the deciding factor to hire him to sell our home. Well we bought another home and sold the home we were leaving, however Bob passed before the close. I’m telling you Gerry worked wonders to orchestrate the closing of both homes. He came many times since to visit and Ronnie would lay at Gerry’s feet just like at Bobs. God knew my pain.” –Irene M